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Behind the lens...

Hello, I am

               Jade Maloyd



I am a passionate photographer based on the Hibiscus Coast,  Auckland, New Zealand. I like to focus on a wide range of photography, and use my camera to tell stories and create emotional images. 


I have been obsessed with photography since 2018 and I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life. ​


Photography has been a huge passion of mine for years, I love that I can combine elements of photography into a business. 


To sum me up, if I am not photographing a wedding or an event, I will be camping in remote areas around New Zealand, using my little 4WD to get there! 


With all the clients I have had, I aim to show my true and authentic self. I apply this when I am photographing my clients. My style is candid, natural, emotional, storytelling and fun!


Allow me to capture those perfect moments for you!


How it started...

My first camera was a Nikon D300. I knew nothing but I thought, hey let's give it a go. That was back in November 2017. 


Since that time then, I have fallen in love with photography and it has completely changed how I view the world. I have spent all those years immersing myself in the world of photography and learning, practicing, researching, and doing all I can to grow as a photographer. In the summer of 2018, I took it upon myself to upgrade my equipment so I got a summer job working in a clothing store with one goal in mind. A new camera! Along came the Nikon D7200 and that camera has been with me ever since. I have been exploring all different types of photography, from couples, families, product, astro, landscape, fashion to fine art. Am I yet to focus on one specific area? No, but that is who I am as a person and a photographer. 


Currently, I am studying Visual Arts at AUT and going to major in photography, but before starting my study I had been building my photography skill and passion for 4 years. I worked at a photography studio here in Auckland and that allowed me to explore the wondrous world of studio photography. During my time in high school, we had a small storage closet as a studio space, this taught me how to take amazing photos without needing all the high tech, professional equipment. A lot of my work over the years has been achieved by thinking outside the box and using what's around me to create the photos. 


As my business has grown over these past few years, so has my equipment (Now running a Nikon D850) and knowledge. I even grew to have two photography businesses. Wild Drive Photography is where I explore my passion of 4WDs, landscapes and lifestyle brand work. 


I am still learning, in fact I don't think you ever really stop learning in this industry. But with every shoot and every click of my camera, I am growing as a photographer and a person. I use my photography to tell my truth and creativity.


  • I love to read!
  • I spend most of my weekends camping & 4WDing. 
  • Born in Johannasburg, South Africa.
  • I can play 7 instruments.
  • I am an Orange belt in Kickboxing. 
  • I am in my third & final year of my degree!


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